When I was seven years old I went on holiday with my parents to my aunt and uncle’s house in Harare. I shared a room with my older cousin, who was at least 13 or 14. I remember perfectly and vividly sitting on her bed and looking at myself in a hand held mirror. No matter what was around me, I was transfixed. She laughed and told me I was the vainest child ever. No truer statement was ever spoken.

In 2010, I promised that I would be more devoted to the maintenance of my nails, hair and whathaveyou. I put this on the list because these are the things that make me feel better about myself everyday. This is going well because I have accepted that while there are women who look good – just because. They look good with their natural hair color, with no make-up, when they wake up in the morning, their eyebrows don’t need plucking and they will always look good with a “bit of sun”. They are similar to women who look good while working out, or while hiking up a mountainside in blazing heat. However, I have accept that I am not one of these people. (I believe these people exist, I think I’ve met them, they might be amazing con-artists.)

My hair color looks like wet cement, the sun makes me run and hide. I recall when I was in 6th grade we did an exercise where we worked out how we spent our time (made a pie chart) turns out when I was 11 I spent more time “grooming” than doing anything else but being in school and sleeping. It’s basically been my hobby ever since. This is the hobby I feel like I have to make time for.  The fact is I enjoy every second of upkeep that going into my day to day appearance.


2 thoughts on “Vanity

  1. You should start a fashion magazine for the academic crowd. Instead of “How to Get Your Man” quizzes and whatnot, you’d have theory-based articles mixed in with fashion layouts. I’d buy it!

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