Come on! Let’s pin!

I am a very devoted user of Pintrest. I have essentially reconfigured my online interaction the last year. I used to spend a lot of time on Facebook, Craigslist and Twitter – and now I chiefly am on Gmail, Pinterest and Craiglist. (Ho-hum, some things never change.) However, Pinterest is the place I actually interact the most.

Pinterest, for those of you who live under uncool rocks and don’t talk to me, is a website that functions like a pinboard. When you see something you like online, a picture, outfit, blog image, piece of art, photograph (oh, anything) you click “pin it” (this little button you add to your browser) and it sticks it on one of your “inspiration boards”. You can also look at everyone’s boards, or just the boards you follow and choose to “repin” other people’s pins. I like this sense of curation. Pinterest doesn’t really DO anything, except it allows people to put things they like together, and it links other people to the origins of those lovable things. For whatever reason, this is WILDLY compelling for me. Perhaps it’s because I’m the sort of person who likes to obsessively collect pictures (in my youth there were folders loaded with “Lord of the Rings” related images, memes, fanart, not to mention “Harry Potter”, vampires and Good Charlotte on my computer). Perhaps it’s because I like pretty things, or and this is the big one I think, I like my own style, a lot.

Pinterest is a place of great vanity for me. I spend a lot of time looking at my own pins (what?) and thinking to myself, “Look what a tasteful person I am!!” I know, this is ridiculous, but I just really like looking at things that represent me, and then I wonder what I seem like from my pins. I think I look like a pretentious hipster who’s totally over-invested in style and intellectualism – this is pretty much exactly right, so I quite like that. It’s just a kind of pleasant, self-affirming vanity – and I really enjoy it.

Pinboards usually have some commonalities. Most people have a wedding board, it seems no matter how unique a woman is, our wedding boards are all quite similar. I’d like to think mine is “alternative,” but it’s not. There are also a lot of boards with pictures of cute animals, I favor bears so much I have a whole board of bears. Like many young women, I have a board just of men I like – which is very much like wallpapering my teenage bedroom with posters of boy bands and Leonardo DiCaprio, except, I’m a grown up now. (Resultantly it’s dominated by Jake Gyllenhaal and Christian Bale – though, Ryan Gosling is VERY popular on Pinterest.) A lot of it is devoted to style, I made room for boards specially for dresses, shoes, handbags, beauty, hair, and style in general. The only major contribution I feel I’ve made to this website is my horror board, perhaps that’s really where my personality is visible.

Also – this is my first blog entry of 2012. Happy 2012! It’s going to be a magnificent year.


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