“How?” and What Comes Next…

I’ve decided to be very open about the weight loss experience I’m currently having. I’ve decided to do this because the support from people I know, even tangentially, is helpful in reminding me in the difficult times that I am not alone, similarly, I’m very open with the people closest to me about this experience and my feelings through it, because I need their support, I won’t pretend I don’t.

May 8th was my three month (or twelve week) gym-o-versary, I did not think I could stick with it this long, or that I would have this much success.  I’ve lost 41lbs since February 8th.

The reason I am writing about my workouts, my diet, and my fat  is because, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s consuming me right now. I feel the need to work through things that keep coming up, the myriad of emotional experiences I’m having (and that I didn’t expect), and articulate in a public place my plan for the next four months.

People keep asking me how I’m doing this. The sad part is that there’s no magic, which is a real bummer because I’d like to attribute all my success to magic. The “how” is as simple as this: I workout at least six days per week, sometimes twice a day, 2-3 hours are spent doing weight training and about 6 or 7 are spent doing cardio. I work with a trainer, Ashley (basically the greatest person I could have hoped to work with, she’s incomparable, I love working with her so much, and just think she’s awesome.) Each week we go through a new work out, I learn to do it, she assesses how I did that week (did I lose or gain – weight, inches, confidence, skills) and then I do the workout two more times before I see her again.

When I do cardio it’s either on a treadmill, climbing high hills at surprisingly decent speeds or biking. My goal is to never leave a “half” workout (30-40 minutes) without burning 500 calories or more, or 700 calories or more for a “full” workout (60-70 minutes). My best days are between 900-1000 calories.

In terms of diet, I count my calories, every single one, every single day. I calculated my BMR (the amount of calories I would burn daily if I didn’t even get out of bed.) and I eat below it. I’m about at the point where my daily calorie intake could drop, but frankly, it’s hard to eat enough each day anyway. I make an effort to not eat “junk,” but don’t really deprive myself much. It’s helpful that my roommate, Marianne, is a significant part of my process and vice-versa as it means we cook together and for each other. Most dinners involve protein and salad. We eat a lot of salad. I also eat a lot of yogurt, fruit, smoothies, cheese, glasses of milk, and as few carbs (mostly bread and pasta are to be avoided, this is nearly impossible.) as possible. We generally don’t have sweets or candy in the apartment, but do eat lots of strawberries. I also eat Chipotle once a week, because there are some things I will never sacrifice. A life without burritos is not a life worth having.

I keep track of everything with obsessive diligence, I weigh myself more than once a week, I measure my body with a tape measure, and sometimes I even take photos. I also keep track of all my workouts, how long, how far, how much – so that I can see whether I’m improving and beat my personal records. It all seems terribly boring, even reading this now, it’s damn excruciating. I find myself wanting to yell at myself: “Get a damn life! This is pathetic!” but then I realize that I’ve committed myself to this exercise, and now I’m bound by own investment to continue it.

That said, my parents and coming to visit in the beginning of September (my parents live far, far away and I rarely see them.) and I’ve decided to make the beginning of September the next milestone I’m reaching for. My goal: to lose an additional 50lbs by September 8th. This will put me at a total of 91lbs since I began. Ashley seems fairly certain I could pull off 100, and if I exceed my goals, that’s great.



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