Welcome to Amused!

My name is Colva, and this is my blog.

I live on the outskirts of Washington D.C. in Arlington. I do a lot of things, personally and professionally.

I’m an adjunct professor of American Studies at Georgetown. I have an awesome time teaching seniors how to plan, research, write, and edit their senior thesis projects. I also enjoy being relentlessly positive with them, and often singing instructions. American Studies is weird, cool, and fun. We have weird-cool-fun with it.

I also run the social media for American Studies, I plan events, bond with catering, purchase cupcakes, and run Twitter and Facebook, create archives, and work with students.

I give a lot of advice on a wide-array of topics, I like helping people be more comfortable: in their closets, in public dressing rooms, at the gym, with their fat (or other non-normative bodies), with eyeliner, with DIY (beauty, fashion, and home), with sex, masturbation and how people feel about that, food, online dating, technology, and other people.

I have an MA in Communication, Culture, and Technology, and spent my time learning about social media, Internet cultures, film, horror movies, porn, postmodernism, queer theory, aesthetics, critical theory and I love all these things, still.

I know a lot of things about make up, clothing, monsters, fixing things, dating, sex, HIV, and Africa. (I’m from Zambia, and it is awesome.)

I’m invested in personal style, identity, social justice, Socialism, and sex-positivity, and this is my blog.

If you’d like to know more about this stuff, check out my Horror page, or my FAQ page.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. I happened to find your blog through your utterly fabulous submission at Chubby Bunnies. After reading through a couple of your postings and your “About” and “Horror Games” sections (critical analysis of horror? Amazing), I just thought I would say you seem to be made of awesome. That’s all, really. You’re beautiful, and keep doing what you’re doing because you’re clearly doing it right, as they say on the interwebs. 🙂

  2. Hi, just wondering if “Colva Uncategorized” is your full name? Also would you be ok with me quoting you in a college essay of mine, providing I reference your name and provide a link to the article? 🙂

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