First Post:

I’ve reached the conclusion that it may be time in my life to start a new blog. I’ve kept a blog on livejournal since the beginning of 2003, and have faithfully posted on a litany of topics over the years – however, since having begun graduate school I’ve found myself uninspired by the prospect of posting and have thus “burnt out”. In the past weeks, I have also had the urge to turn over a new leaf, to begin something new.

Being that it is now the twilight of 2009 and so much has changed in my life, I feel as if it’s appropriate to reinvent my personal blogging experience in a new environment.

My selection of location for this blog is motivated partially by the friendly interface here at wordpress, as well as the fact that it’s the system my graduate school uses for our blogs (I’m in CCT at Georgetown) and this would allow me to have a venue to play with before I go modifying my school sanctioned space.