When I was seven years old I went on holiday with my parents to my aunt and uncle’s house in Harare. I shared a room with my older cousin, who was at least 13 or 14. I remember perfectly and vividly sitting on her bed and looking at myself in a hand held mirror. No matter what was around me, I was transfixed. She laughed and told me I was the vainest child ever. No truer statement was ever spoken.

In 2010, I promised that I would be more devoted to the maintenance of my nails, hair and whathaveyou. I put this on the list because these are the things that make me feel better about myself everyday. This is going well because I have accepted that while there are women who look good – just because. They look good with their natural hair color, with no make-up, when they wake up in the morning, their eyebrows don’t need plucking and they will always look good with a “bit of sun”. They are similar to women who look good while working out, or while hiking up a mountainside in blazing heat. However, I have accept that I am not one of these people. (I believe these people exist, I think I’ve met them, they might be amazing con-artists.)

My hair color looks like wet cement, the sun makes me run and hide. I recall when I was in 6th grade we did an exercise where we worked out how we spent our time (made a pie chart) turns out when I was 11 I spent more time “grooming” than doing anything else but being in school and sleeping. It’s basically been my hobby ever since. This is the hobby I feel like I have to make time for.  The fact is I enjoy every second of upkeep that going into my day to day appearance.


New Years Resolutions

The final picks for 2010 and the new decade are…

1/ Physical Self –

a. eat right.

b. work out. EVERY TIME.

c. upkeep – toes, fingers, hair.

d. cut down on alcohol, toxins. more zen.

2/ Intellectual Self –

a. read one book outside of school per month, take time to read.

b. be open to new music and media.

c.  as much effort, as much as possible in school.

d. start inspiration book.

3/ Social Self –

a. try and calm down before panicking.

b. be honest with the people who count.

c. spent more time with Nicole and Seana.

d. say yes to CCT-related invitations.